TARWIT brand vertical multiple drilling machine is our second generation vertical machine, fully absorbing the advantages of the multiple drilling machines existed world widely. With adjustable hole distances, it’s suitable for all kinds of work piece, especially good at drilling cast iron, non ferrous metals and the ferrous metals with the hardness less than HRC35. It will be a great help to you when large quantity batch production is needed.

  • Model: ZB5223*6
  • Max No. Of Spindle: 6pcs
  • Machine Type: Drilling Machine
  • Control Type: Push Button

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Technical Parameter Value
Min center distance 42mm
Max No. Of Spindle 6pcs
Drilling Capacity Φ14-Φ23mm
Drilling Area 170x290(300X300)mm
Work table size 350*500mm
Main Motor 4kw
Size 901x684x1780mm
Speed Adjust Change V-belt
Hydraulic pump motor 0.75kw
Min Distance From Spindle Head 210mm
Maximum Spindle Travel 240mm
Spindle Rotary Speed 224/338/549
Lubrication Motor 0.09kw

Processing Example

Machine Model:ZB5223X6/4Y

Workpiece Name:Reducer Housing

Depth of Holes:15mm

Diameter of Holes:6.8mm

Number of Holes:4

Processing Time:20s

Machine Model:ZB5223X6/6Y

Workpiece Name:Steering Knuckle Iron

Depth of Holes:20mm

Diameter of Holes:9mm

Number of Holes:6

Processing Time:75s