ZB6423 Series horizontal multiple drilling machine are capable of processing two surface at the same time, characteristic of higher efficiency, suitable for the parts with lots of holes, but with little distances between holes, and the parts of which two surface are needed to be drilled.

  • Model: ZB6423*12
  • Max No. Of Spindle: 12pcs
  • Machine Type: Drilling Machine
  • Control Type: Push Button

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Technical Parameter Value
Model ZB6423*12
Net weight 1460kg
Min center distance 42mm
Max No. Of Spindle 12pcs
Drilling Capacity Φ14-Φ23mm
Drilling Area 170x290mm
Work table size 300x400mm
Main Motor 4x2kw
Size 2572x600x1350mm
Speed Adjust Change V-belt
Hydraulic pump motor 0.75kw
Min Distance From Spindle Head 210mm
Maximum Spindle Travel 240mm
Spindle Rotary Speed 224/338/549r/min
Lubrication Motor 0.09kw

Processing Example

Machine Model:ZB6423*12/10Y

Workpiece Name:Flange

Depth of Holes:22.7mm

Diameter of Holes:φ14.5mm/φ18mm

Number of Holes:10

Processing Time:60s