QK5413 series machine increase the tapping machine on the basis of ZK5213 series products, adopting the autom-atic PLC control system, with the grating ruler and servo motor precisely controls the feed depth. Deep hole processing is achieved by multi-step feed and multi times iron chip clearance procedures.

  • Model: QK5413x18
  • Max No. Of Spindle: Drilling: 12pcs Tapping: 6pcs
  • Machine Type: Tapping Machine
  • Control Type: Touch screen

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Technical Parameter Value
Net weight 2300kg
Max No. Of Spindle Drilling: 12pcs Tapping: 6pcs
Drilling Capacity Drilling: 3-13mm Tapping: M3-M12mm
Drilling Area Drilling: 170X290mm Tapping: 170X290mm
Stroke Drilling: 240mm Tapping: 240mm
Work table size Drilling: 300X500mm Tapping: 300X500mm
Spindle Speed Drilling: 557/842/1367rpm Tapping: 100-500rpm
Main Motor Drilling: 3kw Tapping: 3.7kw
Voltage 380V
Size 2420x1053x1800mm
Hydraulic Motor Drilling: 1.5kw Tapping: 1.5kw
Speed Adjust Drilling: Change V-belt Tapping:Servo Motor
Min Distance From Spindle Head Drilling: 210mm Tapping:250mm
Maximum Spindle Travel Drilling: 240mm Tapping:240mm
Spindle Rotary Speed Drilling:0~1300r/mim Tapping:100~1300r/mim
Lubrication Motor Drilling: 0.09kw Tapping: 0.09kw

Processing Example

Machine Model:QK5413*18/8Y             Workpiece Name:Auto Connecting Rod

Diameter of Holes:10.8mm                    Number of Holes:8                      

Depth of Holes:68mm                            Processing Time:160s