ZX4030 CNC high speed drilling machine

ZX4030 NC vertical high speed driling machine using high speed spindle,the center water cooling,the number of the flexible control of CNC system.Shorten the production preparetion preriod,has greatly increased the production efficiency.Is mainly used in:hole,small batch,replace frequent line of products.

  • Model: ZX4030 CNC high speed drilling machine
  • Max No. Of Spindle: M16(ISO-P)/M18(Casting)
  • Machine Type: Driling Machine
  • Control Type: Touch screen

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3. One-button operation

4. High precision

5. Feed stability

6. Low maintenance cost

7. Professional manufacturer

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The best design which is designed by experienced engineers

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All machines run 72 hrs in continuous to get optimum conditions before shipment

High precision measurement apparatus

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Technical Parameter Value
Weight 3000
The biggest hole diameter φ30
Max. tapping diameter M16(ISO-P)/M18(Casting)
Max. feeding force 800 kgf
Spindle rotary speed range 65 N.m
Repeat positioning accuracy 0.02/300 mm
Work table bearing 200kg
Main motor cooling pump 1.1 kw
Control system CNC
Positioning accuracy 0.02/300 mm
Model ZX4030
Work table size 380X600
Main Motor 5.5kw
Size 2000X1600X2400
Speed Adjust Servo Motor
Drilling Capacity(hole size) Drilling:φ30 Tapping: M16/M18
Maximum Spindle Travel 400(X)/300(Y)/350(Z)
Spindle Rotary Speed 0~4000 r/min

Processing Example

Machine Model:ZX4030

Workpiece Name:Plate

Depth of holes:15mm

Diameter of Holes:φ6mm

Number of Holes:23

Processing Time:65s