TARWIT QK6413 series NC multi spindle drilling machine,use Omron PLC,servo motor controls the feed precision,easy to operate.It's a multi function machine,includes drilling a starting point,drilling and reaming.Can make precision holes,suitable for mass production,improve the production capacity.

  • Model: QK6413X12-Z
  • Max No. Of Spindle: Lead Hole:4pcs Drilling:4pcs Reaming:2pcs
  • Control Type: Touch screen

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Technical Parameter Value
Net weight 2500kg
Min center distance 30mm
Max No. Of Spindle Lead Hole:4pcs Drilling:4pcs Reaming:2pcs
Drilling Capacity Drilling:φ3~φ13mm Reaming:φ3~φ13mm
Work table size 350X500mm
Main Motor 3.7X2kw
Size 2400X1760X1423
Speed Adjust Change V-belt and Servo Motor
Hydraulic pump motor 0.75kw
Maximum Spindle Travel 240mm
Spindle Rotary Speed 0~3000r/min
Lubrication Motor 0.09kw

Processing Example

Machine Model:QK6413X12

Workpiece Name:Auto Reverse Gear Block

Depth of holes:12mm

Diameter of Holes:8mm

Number of Holes:4*2

Processing Time:30s