ZK6232 horizontal multiple spindle drilling machine,high rigidity ,have a good performance in cutting area and cutting volume .This machine is suitable for drilling big size and multi holes. They are widely used in the general machinery and other industries, be able to improve your efficency greatly.

  • Model: ZK6232X12
  • Max No. Of Spindle: 12pcs
  • Machine Type: Driling Machine
  • Control Type: Touch screen

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Technical Parameter Value
Net weight 7000kg
Min center distance 65
Max No. Of Spindle 12pcs
Drilling Capacity φ14~φ32mm
Drilling Area 400X400mm
Main Motor 30-4P
Size 3700X1250X1300mm
Speed Adjust frequency converter
Hydraulic pump motor 4kw-4P
Maximum Spindle Travel 400mm
Spindle Rotary Speed 260~400r/min

Processing Example

Machine Model:ZK6232*12/12Y          Workpiece Name:Pump          Depth of holes:35mm

Diameter of Holes:22mm                   Number of Holes:12                      Processing Time:160s