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  • ZB5207x12
  • ZB5207x12
  • ZB5207x12
  • ZB5207x12

Views:2429Release date:2016-03-16

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Machine features
ZB5207 multiple spindle drilling machine is characteristic of compact structure, high rotary speed, steady power transmission, suitable for drilling holes with diameters between 3~7mm, such as the shell of electric power tools, spare parts of motorcycle. With round pillar guiding rail, rotatable power head, easy to assemble the drill bits. Detachable gear box designs enable customers to change the gears according the actual needs.
Machine parameters
Technical Parameter Value
Model ZB5207X12
Net weight 400kg
Min center distance 24mm
Max No. Of Spindle 12pcs
Drilling Capacity φ2.5-φ7mm
Drilling Area 300x300mm
Work table size 350X450mm
Main Motor 1.5kw
Size 1235X620X1700mm
Speed Adjust Change V-belt
Hydraulic pump motor 0.37kw
Min Distance From Spindle Head 270mm
Maximum Spindle Travel 100mm
Spindle Rotary Speed 980/1300/1750r/min

钻床结构图 Product Structure Diagram:ZB5207X12.jpg

 ◆ Processing Example                                                                                         

Machine Model:ZB5207*12/7Y           Workpiece Name:Motor Side Cover 

Diameter of Holes:5.1mm                   Number of Holes:7                      Processing Time:10s

ZB5207X12 vertical multiple spindle drilling machine photo4.png

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